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Piping / Accessories


  • PTFE / PFA Lined Bellows
    Resistance over 300,000 cycles

  • PTFE / PFA Lined Piping and Fittings

  • Tantalum Dip Pipes and Hardware

  • Graphite Burst "Rupture" Discs


  • Valve and Pipe Flange Safety Shields

  • Coated U-bolts and Pipe Hangers

  • Acid Detecting Paint and Primer

Vee Interests

  • PTFE - Nozzles, Dip Tubes & Spargers, Vent Plugs, Spacers, Basket Filters

  • Polypro - Spacers and Machined Parts

  • Kynar (PVDF) - Plugs, Spacers, Paddle Blinds and Pipeline Accessories

  • PVC/CPVC - Spacers, Flanges, Adapters, and Custom Machined Parts

  • Thermoplastic Pipe Fabrication

Miami Valley Gasket

  • Non-asbestos and Mechanical Packing

  • Spiral Wound Gaskets and Molded Items

  • Boiler and Flange Gaskets

  • Rubber and Sponge, Felt and Fibers, Plastics and Cork

  • Belting / Matting / EMI /RFI Shielding

Houston Polytank

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